Ayesha, San Francisco, CA

Rosy Cho is a phenomenal immigration lawyer – she worked with me through a long and hard battle over many years to get my green-card and finally my US citizenship. What really sets Rosy apart from other immigration attorneys is that she was not just extremely competent and knowledgeable but that she showed so great empathy and patience throughout my process. When my citizenship interview was delayed for over a year, she explored all avenues to get me an interview date and was compassionate and a true thoughtful partner throughout the waiting period. I would recommend Rosy without hesitation to any of my close family members and friends.

Carla L., San Francisco, CA

I had a H1B visa and got married to a US citizen, so I needed someone to help me and guide me through the whole residency process. My husband and I have heard horror stories about how terrifying it could be if you are not prepared so finding a good lawyer was a priority for us. We could have not be in better hands than Rosy’s. During the first meetings, we knew that she was so experienced and so detail oriented, that I knew our process was going to be a breeze. No question went unanswered and no detail went unchecked. Once the documentation was sent, the appointments started. She gave us all her support before and after each step, and when the interview with the immigration officer came, she was right there with us. The entire process, including receiving my green card, was painless and quick. I would recommend Rosy for any immigration case as she is the most passionate lawyer on her field that I have ever met.

Michael L.

I saw 6 other lawyers, but Rosy was the only lawyer to correctly assess my options. I was in the US for almost 14 years and in removal proceedings. Rosy assessed that my best option was VAWA cancellation. I was about to age out of this option in a month on my 21st birthday. Rosy prepared the case in a week: moving up the court hearing date, putting together evidence, and interviewing my mother and me. She guided us in and delivered us from this distressful ordeal. Three months after the hearing, we received our green cards. I would definitely recommend Rosy because she is clearly able to assess and execute the best option even in the most difficult of situations.