Hanane Seid, San Francisco

For the last 10 years I have gone through with 6 Lawyers before meeting Rosy. I don’t know what would happen to my very complicated case, If Rosy was not there. Most of the time lawyers give people advice and tell them what they can and can’t do under the law. But, Rosy sees the case by heart and feels by soul. I started believing in miracles when Rosy managed to prove my eligibility as asylee to the Ninth Circuit Court Immigration Judges in an honest and efficient way. Rosy treats her clients with enormous compassion. Rosy’s determination and dedication was paid off when she was successful in getting my case approved. I have got no words to thank Rosy because I owe her my life. Her meticulous way of working and dedication to my case was really praiseworthy. I highly recommend her and that we need some more lawyers like Rosy.