Iris R., Pacifica, CA

The best immigration attorney out there! As many of you are having immigration issues, I went through many problems for over three years and the entire time, Rosy was there for me when I had questions or concerns. She truly listens to you and she understands your concerns, your fears and your family situation. She always told me the truth about my case and the possible outcomes, but she was always positive and had many options in case things didn’t work out. Rosy is a well known professional, when I walked alongside with her into the courtroom everyone treated her with respect. She has a great reputation and even though she has a strong and stern personality she also has a heart of gold! Rosy is not only an attorney, but a true and honest person. She is always available as opposed to other immigration lawyers I have dealt with in the past, she will always make time for you and if she is not available, her staff is always courteous and will provide you information. Rosy won my case! She guided me and gave me the right advice; she saved my family and she gave me hope in times when I was about to give up. I strongly recommend her as an attorney and trust her with my heart, my life, and future. I am proud to be able to recommend Rosy as an immigration attorney and I can assure you that she will not let you down. She is very knowledgeable of immigration laws and is very aware of all changes and details that could affect any of her cases. Rosy is an incredible person, one of those with values and moral, a lawyer like no other… Thank you Rosy