A New US Citizen

From my 1st interview to the denied letter, it took more than two years. I got stuck in my immigration process, the 1st lawyer who is rated 10 massed up my case. I decided to look for other lawyer to help me to solve the denied letter. However, I visited 2 more top 10, they both scare me away.
I came to visit Rosy. I was little bit nervous and hopeless before I meet her because she is the 4th attorney I look for help. After an hour consultation, she explained to me with confidence and took my case.
She took my case as her own and help me well prepared. When she’s with me in the interview, she strongly convinces the officer. Rosy help me to get my status in only 3 months.
If you need a lawyer who can really help and fight for you. I strongly recommend her to you.

Jiahui C.

I met Rosy in 2012 when my now husband and I were looking for a lawyer to help process our immigration case. We knew we needed to submit a I601 waiver and then file for a visa and we wanted someone to help us with the process so we did ‘t make any mistakes.
We live in NY but we really wanted to find someone who would care about us. After extensive research, I started looking at lawyers in SF instead. I found Rosy through reading reviews and I just had a feeling that she would perfect for us.

I set up a consultation to meet her and she was exactly what I expected, stern but with big heart. I knew she would care about us and take great care of our case, but I also knew that she would be on top of the work and getting it done as soon as possible so my husband and I could reunite. She agreed to take us on even though we were not local.

We got to work right away. My husband and I got married, we filed our waiver and our visa. When we got the RFE, we were very depressed, but Rosy was still very encouraging and honest and in the end, after 2 years, his waiver was finally approved and he was en route to NY where we live a happy life together now.

She is honest, serious, and caring. I would hire her again in a second.

Jue S., Daly City, CA

If you are looking for THE BEST OF THE BEST lawyer for immigration cases, you found one. Rosy is very knowledgeable, resourceful, helpful and most importantly very caring. She understands and sympathizes our feelings and what we are going through. She put enormous effort to work on my case. She spent time with my family and addressed all questions thoroughly. I have never ever met any lawyer who works as hard as Rosy does for her clients. We are so grateful and blessed to find Rosy. Rosy is the best gift God sent to us.

Phoi B.

Rosy has been such a blessing to myself and my family. We were in a desperate situation and were fortunate enough to meet Rosy, just as we were running out of time and hope. We have a unique and complicated set of immigration cases, and prior to meeting Rosy, constantly felt confused, misinformed, anxious, worried, and impatient. Rosy mitigated those feelings by addressing all of our questions and concerns honestly and promptly, helping us to feel prepared, calm, and assured. What really blew us away was her compassion, understanding and genuine concern for my family. Needless to say, we hired Rosy to be our advocate and she’s worked relentlessly to help my family gain citizenship.

Rosy is extremely knowledgeable and intelligent. This is reflected in her ability to think quickly off her feet and provide us with options when we felt like our backs were up against a wall. This whole process has not been easy, but Rosy has made it as seamless as possible for my family and we feel so grateful to have her by our side.

David G., South San Francisco, CA

There are a lot of immigration lawyers out there. Some are good. Only a select few are great. Rosy is definitely one of those select few.
I have been trying to get a permanent residency for my wife. It was a battle for 14 years. We went through IJ, BIA, 9th Circuit, deportation proceeding. We have consulted different attorneys and hired some to represent us. At the end we lost all of it. We got ICE agents knocking on our door on three separate occasions. No fun.

Then we met Rosy. Right from the first meeting, we knew she’s different. You can tell she does this out of her passion. After reviewing our case, she gave an honest opinion regarding our situation and provided some options. We were discouraged at first. However after we went home, we realized that she was giving a hard truth but truth nonetheless. She was more interested in helping us than whether or not we retain her.
Finally we decided to contact her again and have her represented us. She did a excellent job in updating us every step of the way. Answered every question and updating us when new immigration policy was enacted that will benefit us.
She was able to reopen our case, terminate the deportation proceeding. Two weeks ago my wife received her permanent residency.

You want a lawyer who will fight tooth and nail for you. Don’t contact any other lawyer before you talked to her first.

Beware, she will be honest with you and might tell you things that you don’t want to hear about your case. But know this, those are honest comments that came from 10+ years of experience. Wait a minute, isn’t that what you hired a lawyer for? Not to get a sugarcoated comment just to get you sign a retainer.