Pastor B. Vaca

I have worked with Rosy Cho several times in her capacity as an immigration attorney. I am a United Methodist minister who works largely with immigrant populations in the bay area and northern California. I have found Ms. Cho to be reliable, utterly honest and trustworthy, and extremely knowledgeable in her field. On top of all this, she is compassionate and sensitive to the needs of her clients.  She is confident in the courtroom and uses her determination and creativity to explore all possible solutions to any given case. She also works very well with groups. Ms. Cho has provided several times for the faith community and, in particular the United Methodist Church, workshops on the complexities of immigration. I can honestly speak for my church and say that she is a valuable asset to our community.


Ms. Cho would be recommended in a heartbeat – she is extremely knowledgeable, helpful, prompt in returning phone calls and emails, sincere and will advise ONLY what is best for your specific situation. My family and I trusted Ms. Cho with our case and she explained all information to us in detail every step of the way.  She gives 110% and we couldn’t recommend a better more qualified individual to manage your case. Rosy Cho R-O-C-K-S! And is an honorary member of our family, if she’ll have us.

Ken and Georgina, Belmont, CA

Rosy had represented our son during a VERY difficult deportation with a prior felony issue. Needless to say we wanted the best and met with several different attorneys; paid insurmountable ‘consultation’ fees before realizing that there are MANY unscrupulous immigration attorneys out there. We found Rosy and after checking with friends and acquaintances, realized she was the BEST. She was not only an attorney, she is compassionate, caring and above all competent and knowledgeable in every aspect of immigration law. If it weren’t for her, our entire family would have been devastated if our son had been deported. We consider ourselves very fortunate to have had her represent our son.

Yadira, Fresno, CA

My family and I met Rosy Cho over four years ago when my husband was in a very tough immigration situation. My husband was on the verge of getting deported, and with a child on the way, this was not an easy situation for us. After Rosy and her team had a closer look at our case they noticed mistakes that other attorneys we had previously hired had made and found a solution to our immigration problem. Even though we lived 4 hours away, we put our faith in Rosy to help us. Rosy helped us get my husband employment authorization and soon after his permanent residence card. We are forever grateful for Rosy and her dedication to helping people like us.