Leonela G., Redwood City, CA

Rosy is a dedicated and real professional Attorney. She is outstanding and admirable lawyer. Before signing out contract with Rosy to take my husband’s case my father-in-law , mother-in-law and I have difficulties with other immigration attorneys. But I got to say Rosy is committed with her job and took my husband’s case for a year. My husband was deported and was in detention center fighting his case for a year to let him out here in the U.S. I remember Rosy will always tell my husband and I: ” we won one battle we still need to win the war”… Very blue and hard episode in our lives. But, Rosy never back down on us. Rosy will always update us thru e-mail, physically and phone calls regarding my husband’s case. I am very blessed that we had Rosy as our attorney she did an major and exceptional job. My husband is now out here as a temp resident and soon to be a per resident… I applaud and recommend Rosy Cho as your attorney. Rosy has passion for her profession and wants the best for you and your family. She will love to satisfy you but you will also have to cooperate effectively with her. Thank you Rosy for all your hard work it was magnificent. WE WON THE WAR!!! 🙂