Maria Recalde-Bernstein, Esq.

Rosy has several times provided me with practical and expert advice on immigration matters. I think she is smart, ethical and very hard working and she cares deeply about her clients and their cases. I highly recommend her for any immigration work.

Rocio, Oakland, CA

With my eyes closed I recommend Rosy. She is the most HONEST, COMPASSIONATE, CARING and DEDICATED attorney. She has a lot of experience and is always up to date in immigration law. Her knowledge and the heart she puts in every case, has help my family win their cases. In 2009 Rosy won my boyfriend’s immigration appeal and he became a legal resident. Two years later my brother was facing deportation and Rosy won his case. Few months ago she also helped me apply for DACA and my case was approved. Rosy has guided us and helped us. She has been there for us when we needed. Rosy has been a blessing in our life. Thank you Rosy for everything you have done for me and my Family.