Rocio, Oakland, CA

With my eyes closed I recommend Rosy. She is the most HONEST, COMPASSIONATE, CARING and DEDICATED attorney. She has a lot of experience and is always up to date in immigration law. Her knowledge and the heart she puts in every case, has help my family win their cases. In 2009 Rosy won my boyfriend’s immigration appeal and he became a legal resident. Two years later my brother was facing deportation and Rosy won his case. Few months ago she also helped me apply for DACA and my case was approved. Rosy has guided us and helped us. She has been there for us when we needed. Rosy has been a blessing in our life. Thank you Rosy for everything you have done for me and my Family.

Hanane Seid, San Francisco

For the last 10 years I have gone through with 6 Lawyers before meeting Rosy. I don’t know what would happen to my very complicated case, If Rosy was not there. Most of the time lawyers give people advice and tell them what they can and can’t do under the law. But, Rosy sees the case by heart and feels by soul. I started believing in miracles when Rosy managed to prove my eligibility as asylee to the Ninth Circuit Court Immigration Judges in an honest and efficient way. Rosy treats her clients with enormous compassion. Rosy’s determination and dedication was paid off when she was successful in getting my case approved. I have got no words to thank Rosy because I owe her my life. Her meticulous way of working and dedication to my case was really praiseworthy. I highly recommend her and that we need some more lawyers like Rosy.


After consulting with five lawyers, my husband and I were happy that we found Rosy.  Rosy was able to cite a little known exception that enabled us to pursue my path to legalization. Rosy was with us every step of the way. She guided us through the process and kept us informed. She was able to predict the outcome and help us work through the challenges that is the US Immigration process. Thank you Rosy for being such a well-informed lawyer. Your knowledge of the law was our savior.

Halina K., San Francisco, CA

Rosy is the most professional and ethical immigration attorney I have worked with for the past 9 years (and I had experience with at least 5 of them). Our case was pending with USCIS for several years, and after that it was referred to Immigration Judge. My husband and I spent a lot of time, effort, and money to find a person whom we can trust. Unfortunately, one of the “attorneys” who we worked with in the past misrepresented some of the information on the application and this caused us a lot of trouble and stress. Another one promised she would fix those mistakes on the application, but again misled us and made even bigger mess out of my case. All these troubles made my case almost impossible to win and I started losing hope in immigration system until we got referred to Rosy Cho by another attorney. Rosy was not only able to sort through all the mess and misrepresentations in our case, but she always gave us truthful and honest opinion and advice on how to further handle the situation. Rosy is experienced, knowledgeable, respectable, and highly professional attorney, and she is a kind, empathetic, and honest person! Thank you Rosy for helping us to win the case!!!!

Kevin Crabtree, Esq.

As a deportation defense attorney practicing in San Francisco, I am personally familiar with Rosy’s reputation in the legal community.  She is an exceptional advocate, who is known not only as a tireless and effective attorney for her clients, but as someone who has made great contributions to the field of immigration law generally.  Rosy has helped fight abuses by Immigration and Customs Enforcement on a pro bono basis and received recognition from her colleagues for consistently going above and beyond the call of duty.  I give my highest recommendation to Rosy.  Any immigrant facing deportation from the United States would be fortunate to have her as an attorney.